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termite exterminators los angeles
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Termite Exterminators Los Angeles

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Termite Exterminators Los Angeles, CA

About Termite Control

Termite Control: Preventative and response measures for termites and other wood-destroying insects. Services include termite control, inspection and treatment.

Termites can cause considerable damage to the structure of your property. We'll conduct a thorough termite inspection and provide termite extermination for your home.

termite exterminators los angeles Termites can infest a home and quietly and quickly cause thousands of dollars in damage before you even know they are there. At West Coast Termite Inc, Termite Exterminators Los Angeles, we use the latest technology, methods and products to successfully treat and protect your home.

While termites are a unfortunate fact of life in California, not all termites are equal or the same. Your first step in initiating the right termite treatment is a complete inspection of the property to properly, and expertly, identify which type of termite is causing the problem.

At West Coast Termite Inc, we provide a large variety of treatments to ensure full termite extermination. Our expert technicians will treat your home and property with liquid applications, creating a protective barrier over your soil and wood surfaces - preventing termites from consuming, burrowing or living around your home.

And for advanced termite infestations, West Coast Inc. termite tenting is available.

Protect Your Home

As with all homeowners, we know your home is your biggest investment. So, of course, we know you can get very nervous and upset when you feel termites might be invading your home. West Coast Termite is here to help.

Termite Exterminators Los Angeles:

There are "aboveground" termites called drywood termites. The drywood termites are found along the Gulf Coast, in the Southwest, and along the Pacific Coast, including, of course, Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

The most common termites, called subterranean termites, live underground. The subterranean termites attack most often and can usually cause the most damage.

Every year home-owners spend millions of dollars to defend their homes against termites and to repair the damage that they cause. Most of the expense is for the treatment of subterranean termites. We know residential termite control can be challenging. Termites can move through very thin cracks. This enables them to invade homes through cracks in the slab or the structure's foundation.

termite exterminators los angeles

Termite Exterminators Los Angeles

Termite Control & Hard to Reach Places

Termites enter homes in hard to reach places.

They can be found moving between the foundation and the brick veneer. They have also been found traveling behind stucco on the outside of a home.

If the termites can hide inside of a wall or beneath a carpet, they can quickly cause extensive damage before they are noticed. Residential termite control is done to prevent termites from invading. Many treatments are available to eliminate termites that have already attacked and invaded the home.

termite exterminators los angeles
West Coast Termite Exterminators Los Angeles,
South Bay, and Orange County, CA
West Coast Termite, Termite Exterminators Los Angeles, usually uses Liquid termiticide to form a barrier in the soil against the termites. Depending on the home's construction, liquid termiticide can be applied into the soil beside the foundation. This might be done outside and in the crawl space. Treatment of slab homes often includes drilling holes in the concrete to protect cracks or expansion joints.

Termiticide might also be applied in areas where plumbing pipes enter the home. Some of these treatments might be made with a machine that turns the termiticide to foam. This helps the termiticide spread to the places where it is needed.

We know homeowners can help prevent termites from invading their home. A thorough inspection can quickly reveal conditions that would give termites an easy entryway.

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What People are Saying about West Coast Termite Exterminators Los Angeles

termite exterminator los angeles I must say I took a risk going with West Coast Termite because I don't always trust the reviews. I can definitely say now that there's no doubt that all the 5 star reviews for West Coast Termite are on point.

Brett and Larry were exceptionally professional when it came to executing their work. Brett was professional in communicating with me and answered any questions I had in a timely manner. He was straightforward and honest (for some people it may seem blunt) and did not sugarcoat anything. I like that about him because it was all business and he did what he said he was going to get done.

Larry, who works closely with Brett, took absolute pride in his work. I was so pleased by his professionalism. I had to leave and trusted Larry to finish the work. When I got back home, I was very pleased by how well he cleaned up the area he worked on.

So if you're looking for a reliable, reasonably priced, and honest termite company, I would highly recommend West Coast Termite.

- Anita K. , Bellflower, CA

West Coast Termite, Inc., Termite Exterminators Los Angeles, knows many homeowners call a termite control or pest control professional for a termite inspection. During the inspection process, our experts can point out maintenance or structural issues that might make the home more attractive to termites. Correcting or changing these conditions can help prevent termites from attacking the home.

When you need the help and skills, choose West Coast Termite Inc.

When you need the help and skills of a trained termite exterminator, our professionals have the right tools and training to offer relief. We are a locally owned and operated company in the Los Angeles/Orange County, CA, area with over 20 years of experience.

Download 'About Termites' PDF: Termite Exterminators Los Angeles

termite exterminators los angeles
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What People are Saying about West Coast Termite Exterminators Los Angeles

termite exterminator los angeles We bought a home that was older and were worried because the prior owner had termite treatments which were discontinued prior to the sale of the home.

Based on the reviews of Brett, I contacted him and he was super helpful in reviewing the termite inspection we had done and confirming we were in the clear but if we wanted to do preventative work that he could treat the attic and crawlspace for the two different types of termites for a very reasonable price.

Aside from coming personally to do the work, he had also recommended a few non-toxic natural treatments I could do myself for a few other pests. I am not certain but I would suspect another company would have jumped on the opportunity to treat a problem even if I could take care of it myself. I felt this demonstrated Brett's integrity. We have a rental property and I will definitely use this company for pest treatments there. I trust Brett and he is also a great example of a business owner who takes pride in his work. Thank you Brett!

- Becky C., Hermosa Beach, CA

What People are Saying about West Coast Termite Exterminators Los Angeles

termite exterminator los angeles Great service. The job was thoroughly finished. They explained the process completely and finished the job in a timely manner. My house was completely checked over. They even crawled under my house to make sure there was nothing there. Very Friendly Professional Service. I will continue to use this company to service all of my termite needs.

- Tim G., Los Angeles, CA

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