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termite exterminator los angeles orange county

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Orange Oil Vs. Fumigation for Termite Control

It is important to hire a trained and licensed inspector to determine the extent of your termite infestations. The type of termite and their location will determine what type of treatment would be effective for your home. Orange Oil based termite and pest control products are not considered an alternative to tenting as the two processes are completely different and offer different pros and cons. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages will help you make an educated decision when selecting your control method.

Termite Exterminator Los Angeles Several methods exist for treating and preventing infestations of termites, which cause billions of dollars of damage each year. A professional termite exterminator can assess the necessary steps to removing an infestation. Two commonly used treatment methods are orange oil and fumigation.

Orange oil is a localized direct application treatment that combats drywood termites using the active ingredient D-limonene, an oil naturally found in orange rinds. Fumigation methods consist of covering a building with a canvas tarp and spraying the inside with a gas fumigant, such as sulfuryl fluoride; methyl bromide is less commonly used, due to the environmental damage that it causes.

When orange oil is used, no evacuation of the house is necessary. Pets can remain in the home, and food and medicines need no protection , due to the low toxicity of D-limonene. Fumigation through tenting can treat large infestations at a lower cost than a widespread orange-oil treatment and can target all areas of the building, including undetected infestation areas.

Orange oil does not treat untargeted areas, and application requires drilling or removal of wood or walls in the home .

Many homeowners ask about orange oil.
Probably because many termite companies advertise on the radio and TV saying that, "You no longer need to tent your home and that all of your termite problems can be solved by treating your home with orange oil".

The facts:
Orange oil is only effective as a spot treatment and is not capable of treating all potentially infested wood in a structure including inaccessible areas. The applicator must locate the termite galleries in the wood member and then drill holes (at 3-5 inch intervals) in that wood so that the orange oil can be injected into the galleries. If there are termites in that gallery when you inject the orange oil, any termite that comes in contact with it will probably die. But, if you drill a hole in the wood and miss, the treatment will not be effective.

Orange oil has a very short residual of only several days.

There are serious limitations to what can be done with orange oil treatments because it can be difficult to spot or see all areas of infestation. With fumigation, the gas will get everything - even the termites that initially can't be seen without cutting into the wood.

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Another important thing to consider is damage that will be done to drilling into stained and/or finished wood (doors, windows, furniture etc) if you do choose an orange oil treatment. On the other hand, Vikane gas fumigations rarely cause any damage to these items if done correctly.

In conclusion:

Only tent fumigation can guarantee complete drywood termite eradication of an entire structure at once. This is because 90-95% of a buildings wood framing is covered by drywall, plaster, flooring, insulation, paint, roofing, stucco and so on. Localized treatment with orange oil will only control the infestation in the areas where an infestation can be identified and treated.

Termites can spread in the most secluded places in a structure to easily begin a new infestation; if you can't get to that area for a thorough inspection then you will have no knowledge of the need for treatment in that area.

So, does every house need to be fumigated? No. It depends on the areas of infestation, level of infestations, size and age of the colonies, type of termites you have, and whether or not your going to be satisfied with the idea of controlling your home or structures termite infestations or you want them completely eradicated from the structure all at once.

Termite Exterminator Los Angeles

Advantages of Orange Oil Termite Control:

No moving out overnight during the treatment.
No need to remove plants or board pets.
No bagging of food or medicine.

Disadvantages of Orange Oil Termite Control:

Orange oil will not control undetected infestations.
Orange oil does not leave a long lasting residual for future protection.
Orange oil requires drilling into your walls and wood members.

In spite of its green and eco-friendly marketing appeal, orange oil is not as effective or long lasting against drywood termites as other termiticides like BoraCare and Termidor.

West Coast Termite does not use Orange Oil.
We proudly use products such as Bora-Care or Termidor.

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