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20+ Years Of Pest Control Experience!
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termite exterminator los angeles orange county

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More About West Coast Termite Inc.

Termite Exterminator Los Angeles

West Coast Termite Inc. offers you the ultimate in termite
control services. And we use the most effective products
available, including Bora-Care and Termidor.

Also serving Orange County & South Bay areas.
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Termite Exterminator Los Angeles

Termite Exterminator Los Angeles

Your Strongest Defense Against Termites
We bring over 20 years of experience and provide professional inspections, construction repairs, and the best termite treatments. We are trained and experienced professionals and have the top termite exterminator and inspection services in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.

We can help, using the absolute best termite control methods for your home.

Full Service: West Coast Termite also has a Construction Services Division for Construction & Wood Repair.

What People are Saying about West Coast Termite Exterminator Los Angeles

termite exterminator los angeles Completely satisfied with this company. We own a duplex in Orange County that required some termite treatment and wood replacement. Larry from West Coast came out and inspected the work needed. Job was completed in three days. They even matched the paint for us.

Larry gave us a fair price with a 2 year warranty on the termite treatment and woodwork. We signed up for their yearly inspection to avoid having to deal with this issue again. What I liked about this company is they delivered exactly what we asked for and were professional.

- Stacy C., Los Angeles CA

At West Coast Termite, Inc. we offer the Best in Customer Service and have a Commitment to Excellence.
We're a family-owned business that cares about your family and your home.

Honest and Reliable Service

  • We have 20+ Years Of Experience
  • We offer Free Inspections
  • We use Environment Friendly treatment options
  • Safe Reliable Low Cost Easy Fumigation
  • We Are Locally Owned & Operated
  • We Are Environmentally Safe and Responsible
  • We Offer Pet and Child Safe Treatments
  • We Are Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Escrow Inspections
  • Residential Termite Extermination
  • Construction & Wood Repair

termite exterminator los angeles

West Coast Termite, Inc. is your Termite Exterminator Los Angeles: We ensure that you get the best termite control and protection without the expense of unnecessary treatment procedures.
  • Fair & honest pricing
  • We customize treatments for each home
  • Offer yearly control and maintenance policies, for yearly inspections and termite treatments.
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What People are Saying about West Coast Termite Exterminator Los Angeles

termite exterminator los angeles Brett, the owner, was very honest, easy to work with, and always available via cellphone. Gave me a fair price and did the work exactly when promised. The chemical they use leaves no odor and you don't have to wash clothes and dishes after the treatment is finished. The whole process was a piece of cake.

- Steve S., Redondo Beach, CA

Termite Exterminator Los Angeles
We help home owners avoid costly damages by ensuring early detection and successful treatment of termites. Call (424) 249-2013 today for a free inspection.

Call West Coast for a Free Termite Inspection today: (424) 249-2013

termite exterminator los angeles
Termite Exterminator Los Angeles

Protect Your Property
Most termites species are subterranean, meaning they live underground. They like moisture and position themselves near or underneath good food source, such as your home. Since they like to stay where it is dark and damp, it can be difficult to detect them. Our Termite Protection Expertise is designed for complete termite management, from inspection to treatment, to protect your property from termite destruction.

Download: Our West Coast Termite Exterminator Brochure (pdf)

West Coast Termite Inc. strives to provide home owners with quality termite control that is effective, safe, convenient, and, most of all, affordable. Our solutions are fast and carefully formulated to deliver 100% satisfaction. West Coast is your best bet for a Termite Exterminator Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.

What Our Clients are Saying About West Coast Termite Exterminator Los Angeles

Extremely helpful, professional and really cared about our concerns

termite exterminator los angelesWest Coast Termite is an excellent company. I first met Larry who was extremely helpful, professional and really cared about our concerns. We then dealt with Brett who was the same.

Larry & Brett will definitely go the extra mile to work with your needs and they will do whatever they can to make their customers happy.

Brett came over at night to talk to us, explain how to wrap up our food and then gave us all the bags that we needed. No guessing, very straight forward and easy.

I did have some questions just before the tenting. Brett responded to my calls very quickly and answered all of my questions. The tent went up with no problems and then, like magic, it was gone. We had to move out for three nights. We made a little vacation out of it.

Brett also took care of getting the gas turned off and then back on again. We didn't have to do anything except bag our food and move some plants.

I highly recommend West Coast Termite if you need to tent for termites. They really are great!

- Lorenzo S., Santa Monica, CA

I would highly recommend West Coast Termite, Inc. to anyone needing termite treatment

termite exterminator los angelesBrett came to the house to inspect for termites. I've called several companies before and none of them check the house as thoroughly as Brett.

One company looked at my ceiling where the termite tube was forming and left afterwards. I couldn't trust the other companies as well because they never fully explained anything to me and charged me for termite treatment stating that the entire house was infested.

Brett was the only person who told me what was going on in the house, where the termites were, and the types of treatment that would best eliminate the problem. Brett was very honest and gave me a fair price. On the day of the treatment, Larry came to the house. Brett called ahead to let me know the ETA. Larry was super nice and accommodating.

Larry was knowledgeable and explained everything to me as he was treating each area. Brett called after to check up to make sure I was satisfied and to thank me for selecting his company. I am so glad I went with West Coast Termite, Inc. Brett and Larry are the best! I would highly recommend West Coast Termite, Inc. to anyone needing termite treatment.

- Christine L., Torrance, CA

I highly recommend West Coast Termite, they are #1 in my opinion!

termite exterminator los angelesI desperately needed help with my termite problem. Brett an Larry quickly gave me an estimate and got straight to work. They were polite and efficient. I am extremely happy with the work that they did and I can honestly say that my termite problem is solved!! I highly recommend West Coast Termite, they are #1 in my opinion!!!

- Lisa N.,Topanga, CA

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termite exterminator los angeles
West Coast Termite Guarantee - We give you peace of mind, knowing that your home is protected from the damage termites can cause. Call us today for a free termite inspection and so we can talk about treatments that will give you long-term comfort against the risk of termites. Our Guarantee is backed by our reputation for providing top-quality service.

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What People are Saying about West Coast Termite Exterminator Los Angeles

termite exterminator los angeles Very easily to deal with: the owner is super-knowledgeable and experienced, and great at explaining. Their price was competitive with others who had far less English speaking skills. The house was left in great condition after the tenting. Very customer-service oriented, around handling the tenting of my 15 year old spa, and the change of service date because of a changed move-in date.

- Frederick W., Altadena, CA

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Termite Exterminators Los Angeles

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termite exterminator los angeles

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