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termite exterminator los angeles orange county

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Orange Oil Vs. Termidor and Other Termite Treatments

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Ad campaigns from large companies promote orange oil as a green, organic or safe alternative against termites. But is orange oil truly a green and organic product that is safer than others? How does it compare to Termidor and other products and how reliable is it?

Orange Oil's main ingredient is d-Limonene. d-Limonene is extracted from the skin of various citrus fruit (oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc.) generally used for oils and extracts and most likely from non-organic produce due to lower cost. Unless it is made exclusively from organic produce, orange oil would not qualify for the Organic label you would expect on your local fruit stands. As a rind bi-product, d-Limonene would seem like a green and safe product. However orange oil is highly acidic and can cause skin and eye irritation and damage.

termite exterminator orange county

Orange Oil and Termites
The Facts: In early 2000 d-Limonene was once again revived and heavily marketed with the backing of Florida University researchers and big financial investors under a new exclusive name. Ads showing children drinking orange juice suggest that orange oil is as natural and safe as eating oranges. But orange juice is not to be confused with orange oil, which is acidic and a strong skin and eye irritant against pets and humans. These promotional ads try to attract as many customers as possible and do not mention that orange oil is not at all effective against all types of termites and that the best results from research show limited effectiveness against drywood termites, the target pest of orange oil treatments.

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The Facts About Orange Oil and Termite Treatments:
termite exterminator orange county Lab test and results from UC Berkeley, Davis and Riverside's Entomology Departments show that d-Limonene has a very short life of only a few days after an application. It lacks the required residual effect to effectively kill and prevent whole drywood termite colonies from surviving the treatment and re-infesting the treated wood members. Unlike other chemical treatment against Drywood Termites, it is critical that orange oil reaches each and every termite in the colony or the colony may survive. Unfortunately no current technology can tell if all termites have been killed at time of treatment, so most companies treating with orange oil also recommend using another residual termiticide such as Bora-Care or Termidor to leave a long term residual effect that orange oil does not provide.

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In spite of its green and eco-friendly marketing appeal, orange oil is not as effective or long lasting against drywood termites as other termiticides like BoraCare and Termidor.

West Coast Termite does not use Orange Oil.
We proudly use products such as Bora-Care or Termidor.

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